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Spectra Watermakers 50 Micron Pre Filter

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Spectra Watermakers 50 MICRON PREFILTER

  1. Pleated Pre-filter
  2. High Quality Core Reinforcement
  3. Precise hole placement for optimal water flow
  4. Non-Organic
  5. Quality Checked for long lasting life
  6. Washable Pre-filter



  • How long do pre-filters last? This answer really depends on the clarity of the water that you run your Spectra in. You can re-use the pre-filter but it is recommened to replace them, otherwise they can allow silt to bypass.
  • How do these prefilters differ from ones that can be bought at a pool supply store or a hardware store? These prefilters are made from a special material meant to withstand seawater conditions. Other filters typically do not hold up well and can allow the membrane element to be fouled easily.
  • When Cruising for long periods of time 6-12 months we recommend taking approx 12 filters. The duration between filter uses depends on the seawater conditions.

USED ON THE FOLLOWING MODELS (but not limited to):

Catalina and Newport Systems excluding MKII and Z

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