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Spectra SC-2 Alkaline Cleaning Compound

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Spectra's SC-2 Alkaline Cleaning Compound

SC-2 is an alkaline cleaner used to remove light oil, grime, and biological growth. To understand if you need to use SC-2 is important. If the salinity of the RO water is higher than 350PPM coupled with a rotten egg smell, this is usually an indication SC-2 needs to be used. Cleaning the membrane SC-2 will shorten the lifespan of the membrane, making it important to only clean when necessary.


  • How do I clean my Spectra RO membrane? The most effective method is to heat the solution of SC-2 and 3 gallons of distilled water to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This is most effective if heated to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. To heat this solution on a boat might prove to be difficult, if you are unable to fully heat the solution, try it with just warm water.

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