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Spectra SC-1 Storage Compound

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Spectra SC-1 Storage Compound

The Spectra SC-1 pickling chemical is used when you would like to store your watermaker for longer than a week and up to 6 months. The SC-1 biocide is packaged in a small bag, which makes it simple to keep as a spare. The chemical is used to keep the membrane element from fouling during long term storage. If you are leaving your boat for an extended period of time and your watermaker does not have automated fresh water flush or a z-ion installed, this is a spare we recommend you have on hand.


  • Is this chemical different or special compared to sodium metabisulfate? Any chemical other than SC-1 will cause premature failure of the watermaker.
  • How often can I use this chemical? As often as you need to do so. An alternative to pickling would be to fresh water flush once a week, use your mpc to automatically fresh water flush, or have a z-ion installed to increase flush cycles from 7 days to 30 days.
  • What type and how much water do I need to pickle? You will need approximately 3 gallons of distilled or RO water to pickle the watermaker.

SC-1 is used on the following spectra watermakers:

Ventura 150 Deluxe and MPC

Ventura 200T Deluxe and MPC

Catalina 300 (all versions)

Santa Cruz

Newport 400 (all Versions)

Capehorn Xtreme

Newport 700 (all versions)

Newport 1000 (all versions)

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