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Spectra Ventura Deluxe 150 GPD Marine Watermaker

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Spectra Ventura 150 Deluxe Watermaker 12 Volt or 24 Volt DC

The innovative Spectra Ventura 150 Deluxe combines a compact design and ultra efficiency to become the most widely versatile watermaker installed on sailboats. The Spectra 150 Deluxe uses only 9 amps on 12v to produce plenty of water for most small general applications. With a compact modular design, the Ventura 150 is capable of being installed in the most confined places.

Using the Watermaker

The Ventura 150 Deluxe is a very simple watermaker to use and maintain. Day to day use only requires flipping a toggle switch on and off for the feed pump and monitoring the product (clean - drinkable RO water) by using a small handheld meter. Conventional ac powered watermakers require high pressure adjustment, the Clark Pump which is Spectra's energy intensifier pump, requires no adjustment. The Clark Pump is also much quieter than any other conventional watermaker, usually a full 10dB lower.

Maintenance for the Ventura 150 Deluxe is also very easy, as opposed to conventional watermakers where oil changes are needed, the Clark Pump does not use oil therefore no oil changes are needed. The Spectra Ventura 150 Deluxe comes with a charcoal filter and housing with a on/off pvc ball valve that is used to backwash or purge the watermaker of sea water. It is necessary to flush the watermaker using a few gallons of fresh water so seawater does not stagnate, by simply moving the pvc ball valve handle to open we can accomplish this.


  • Simple analog remote monitoring panel
  • Compact Modular design - increases the amount places the watermaker can be installed
  • Spectra's unique Clark Pump for efficiency and reliability
  • Low power consumption, can be run on batteries, solar, or wind power
  • Whisper quiet
  • Commercial grade diaphragm pumps with run dry protection
  • System includes installation kit, handheld water quality tester, and product sample valve
  • Designed to operate efficiently from the Arctic to the Equator
  • Z Ion Compatible

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