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Katadyn Power Survivor 40E Katadyn 40e 12v watermaker, katadyn 40e, katadyn powersurvivor 40e, katadyn powersurvivor
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Katadyn Pur Watermakers Item #: 8013438 -

Katadyn Pur 40E Power Survivor 12vKey Features:The Katadyn watermaker PowerSurvivor 40E is the perfect solution for a sailboat that is very limited on space.At nearly 5.7 Liters an hour or 1.5 Gallons an hour, this desalinator is great for producing an adequate amount of fresh, clean, drinking water when you need it. At only 4 amps! this watermaker draws the smallest amount of power of any DC powered watermaker out there.What you will need to installThe Katadyn Pur 40 is even simpler to...

Spectra Ventura 150 GPD MPC Automated Watermaker Spectra watermaker for sale, spectra watermakers price, spectra 150 watermaker, desalinator watermaker, ventura 150, spectra ventura 150 price
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Spectra Watermakers Item #: VT-150-MPC-12 -

Spectra Ventura 150 MPC Watermaker 12 Volt or 24 Volt DCThe Spectra Ventura 150 MPC is engineered for fully automatic operations on small sailboats or yachts. The Ventura 150 operates on 12 volts drawing only 9 amps or 24 volts drawing only 4.5 amps and produces over 6 gallons of fresh water every hour. The compact modular design of the watermaker allows for the unit to be placed in some of the most confined places on boats.Using the WatermakerThe Ventura 150 MPC watermaker uses the digital...

Spectra Ventura 200T GPD Deluxe Non-Automated Watermaker Spectra watermaker, 12v watermaker, spectra water maker, spectra ventura 200t, 12v water maker, spectra ventura 200t price
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Price: $5,999.99
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Spectra Watermakers Item #: VT-200-T -

Spectra Ventura 200T Deluxe Watermaker 12 Volt or 24 Volt DCThe Spectra Ventura 200T Deluxe is dimensionally and functionally the same as the Spectra Ventura 150 Deluxe, but the 200T produces 2 more gallons of fresh water (8.3 gallons per hour) per hour while only using 1 more amp (10 amps on 12 volt or 5 amps on 24 volt DC).The Ventura 200T is engineered for boaters with limited electrical capabilities and space. The modular design allows for the Ventura 200T to be placed in a variety of...

Spectra Ventura 200T GPD MPC Automated Watermaker  Spectra watermaker, marine watermaker, 12v watermaker, spectra ventura 200t
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Spectra Watermakers Item #: VT-200-T-MPC -

SPECTRA VENTURA 200 MPC AUTOMATED WATERMAKERThe Spectra Ventura 200T MPC is one of the best selling sail boat watermakers because of the compact modular design and unparalleled energy efficiency. The Micro Processor Controller (MPC) has the effect have making water a stress free experience. With the single press of a button the watermaker will make fresh water and send it to your tank without you having to do anything. The Spectra Ventura 200T MPC produces 8.3 Gallons per hour of extremely...

Spectra Ventura Deluxe 150 GPD Marine Watermaker Sailboat Watermaker, watermaker spectra, spectra watermaker, spectra 150, spectra ventura 150 price
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Spectra Watermakers Item #: VT-150-D-12 -

Spectra Ventura 150 Deluxe Watermaker 12 Volt or 24 Volt DCThe innovative Spectra Ventura 150 Deluxe combines a compact design and ultra efficiency to become the most widely versatile watermaker installed on sailboats. The Spectra 150 Deluxe uses only 9 amps on 12v to produce plenty of water for most small general applications. With a compact modular design, the Ventura 150 is capable of being installed in the most confined places.Using the WatermakerThe Ventura 150 Deluxe is a very simple...