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Katadyn Power Survivor 40E

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Katadyn Pur 40E Power Survivor 12v


Key Features:

  • The Katadyn watermaker PowerSurvivor 40E is the perfect solution for a sailboat that is very limited on space.
  • At nearly 5.7 Liters an hour or 1.5 Gallons an hour, this desalinator is great for producing an adequate amount of fresh, clean, drinking water when you need it.
  • At only 4 amps! this watermaker draws the smallest amount of power of any DC powered watermaker out there.

What you will need to install

The Katadyn Pur 40 is even simpler to install than the Pur 80E, this watermaker is essentially a plug and play desalinator. The 40E comes with the membrane attached to the pump set from the factory, no need to remotely mount the pressure vessel and connect the high pressure hoses. Some parts will need to be supplied or purchased along with your watermaker, most commonly parts purchased separately are as follows: seawater strainer, shutoff valve/ sea cock, wire, and mounting hard.

What Katadayn includes with your watermaker

  • Katadyn technology pump set
  • Pressure vessel
  • Pre-filter assembly
  • product 3 way valve
  • Plumbing

What you receive when you purchase with Daily Watermakers

You get personal technical support for installation, use, and maintenance from professionals who install and service these RO units year-round.


Katadyn has built a really well made watermaker for boats, sailboats and yachts. They made each piece of the watermaker to withstand a marine environment. This water maker also comes with a 3 year guarantee.


Do they take up a lot of space? The Pur 40 is absolutely a space saver, it is the smallest DC powered watermakers there is.

Are watermakers expensive? The Pur 40 is a great economical choice for your boat. When you purchase from Daily Watermakers you are buying at a competitive price and receive free shipping.

How often do I need to change my pre-filters? How often you change your pre-filters or clean them really depends on the clarity of the water you run your watermaker in.

Please call us at 1800-958-6001 or email us at info@dailywatermakers.com we also ship internationally if you would like a shipping quote email us

  • Free Shipping!
  • 4 Amps on 12 volts DC.
  • 1.5 Gallons an hour.
  • Compact and Quiet.
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