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AquaMate Series I Modular 50 GPH Water maker watermakers, water maker, reverse osmosis, wattermaker, boat water maker, boat watermaker
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Daily Watermakers Item #: AQI1200M -

The Aquamate Series I 1200 Gallon Per Day Water makerAt Daily Watermakers we design and manufacture marine reverse osmosis machines for a wide variety of boats. The Aquamate Series I line of watermakers is a unit that doesn't use automation. It still uses all the quality components necessary to make water, but the end user is responisble for the complete operation of the watermaker. (If you are interested in a watermaker that is automated click here.) The 1200 Gallon per Day water maker makes...

Aquamate Series II Framed 50 GPH Watermaker automatic marine watermakers, boat watermakers, ro makers, marine ro makers, 50gph ro
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Aquamate Series II 1200 Gallon Per Day WatermakerThe Watermaker you've been looking for that will keep working even under the most extreme marine environments. With a limited amount of attention needed, the semi-automated Aquamate II 1200 (AQII 1200), is one of the easiest watermakers to use. With a 2 Year warranty, we want you to know that you are receiving a superior and reliable RO (reverse osmosis) unit. The Aquamate Series II framed unit is extremely easy to install with a minimal amount...

Aquamate Series II Modular 50 GPH Watermaker boat watermakers, boat water makers, marine watermakers, marine reverse osmosis, marine ro, boat ro, fishing vessel watermakers, sailboat watermakers, power boat watermakers, watermakers, water maker, reverse osmosis, marine affordable water makers, marine cheap watermakers, marine cheap water makers, cheap boat water makers, cheap boat watermakers
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Daily Watermakers Item #: AQII1200M -

The Aquamate Series II is a watermaker that is built with the intention to withstand the harsh marine conditions, easy to use for the novice or the professional, and to create plenty of fresh drinking water. Whether you have a leisure boat, a lake house boat, or even a fishing vessel, this watermaker is a general purpose unit. Please call us at 1.800.958.6001 if you have any questions or email at info@dailywatermakers.comFeaturesMarine Glossy White - Powder Coated FrameColor LCD - User...