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Aquamate Series II Framed 50 GPH Watermaker

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Aquamate Series II 1200 Gallon Per Day Watermaker

The Watermaker you've been looking for that will keep working even under the most extreme marine environments.

With a limited amount of attention needed, the semi-automated Aquamate II 1200 (AQII 1200), is one of the easiest watermakers to use. With a 2 Year warranty, we want you to know that you are receiving a superior and reliable RO (reverse osmosis) unit.

The Aquamate Series II framed unit is extremely easy to install with a minimal amount of plumbing connections to be made. The AQII 1200 watermaker is built to be used by anyone regardless of previous water maker technical knowledge.

Automatic functions with the ability to be switched to manual in case of emergencies.

The AQII 1200 is equipped with a marine grade, easy to use, and easy to read color LCD controller that allows the operator to start the watermaker with a push of a button. It will also allow for you to start the feed pump only, fresh water flush on demand, and change the settings intuitively. The watermakers automatic features reduces stress and time to allow for your time to be spent on things you enjoy. In the event of failure, we've made it easy to switch to manual operation, when you need fresh water the most.

The Aquamate II 1200 will make plenty of fresh water!

You really want to know: How much water will this marine desalination unit make? How long will it last me? How much will it cost? Although we make sure to use the best marine grade components, we know that the watermaker price is always a top priority. We offer the most competitive pricing that you will find. Not only do you receive pretty much everything you need to install a watermaker but also professional technical advice as quickly as possible, from people who service, install, and manufacture watermakers since 1988.




  • Marine Glossy White - Powder Coated Frame
  • Easy to use Touch pad
  • Ultra Noise Reduction
  • 50 Gallons of Fresh Water per Hour
  • Framed Unit
  • Programmable On Demand Fresh Water Flush
  • Automatic Divert Product Water To Tank
  • Sequential Start Up of Feed Pump and High Pressure Pump for Preventative Measures
  • Corrosion Resistant Feed Pump Head
  • Above and Beyond Marine Standard 316 Stainless Steel Feed Pump Shaft
  • Custom Marine Duty White - Baldor High Efficiency Motors
  • Extremely Quiet 316 Stainless Steel High Pressure Pump
  • Low Pressure Cut-out Switch
  • High Pressure Cut-out Switch
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