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Aquamate Series II Modular 30 GPH Watermaker

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Introducing the Modular Aquamate II 700: The ultimate semi-automatic operated watermaker made for a range of boaters. With its user-friendly touch pad control panel and hassle-free operation, experience 30 gallons an hour of fresh water. Utilizing reverse osmosis filtration, the Aquamate II ensures the removal of impurities, providing you with peace of mind and exceptional water quality during your marine adventures. Upgrade your boating experience today and enjoy the convenience and reliability of the Aquamate II.


  • Marine Glossy White - Powder Coated Frame
  • Easy to use Touch pad for automate controls
  • 30 Gallons of Fresh Water per Hour
  • Automatic Fresh Water Flush
  • Automatic Divert Product Water To Tank
  • Sequential Start Up of Feed Pump and High Pressure Pump
  • Corrosion Resistant Feed Pump Head
  • Above and Beyond Marine Standard 316 Stainless Steel Feed Pump Shaft
  • Custom Marine Duty White - Baldor High Efficiency Motors
  • Extremely Quiet High Pressure Pump
  • Low Pressure Cut-out Switch
  • High Pressure Cut-out Switch


  • The High Pressure Pump and Motor
  • The motor is a custom built motor from the leading industry company of Baldor.
  • The pump is very quiet and has a long running life.
  • Rebuildable friendly pump - easy to re-kit if needed.
  • Accessable oil drain plug.
  • Each motor and pump is specific to each unit - we do not oversize our motors on 700GPD watermakers - therefore saving you power.
  • The Controller
  • Beautifully Colored - easy to see - easy to use
  • The controller is built with the thought of making it easy to use for anyone and everyone.
  • It takes one button press to start making water.
  • The watermaker will divert the fresh water to you tank when it reaches an acceptable quality.
  • The watermaker will automatically fresh water flush for you on a weekly basis.
  • Fresh water Flush Basics
  • It is essential for watermakers to be fresh water flushed at the very least every week.
  • When you are enjoying your vacation or when you are busy doing your job, you shouldn't have to worry about one more maintance "project" as some like to deem it as. Rather the Aquamate II will use the appropriate amount of water to fresh water flush, cleaning the watermaker of stagnant sea water. It will do this every week, without you needing to tend to it.
  • A Fresh water flush filter housing and carbon block filter is installed with every single unit, there is no additional add on.
  • The Feed Pump or Low Pressure Pump
  • You would be hard pressed to find another watermaker that uses a 316 Stainless Steel Shaft for their feed pump motor.
  • We also use a very low maintanence - corrosion resistant pump.
  • The feed pump supplies 35 psi of water and plenty of flow - which translates to fewer filter changes - less cavitation in the high pressure pump.

If you have any questions and would like to talk to a professional to help you choose or decide if this is the right watermaker for your sail boat, power boat, fishing vessel call us at this number: 1.800.958.6001

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