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AquaMate Series I Modular 50 GPH Water maker

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The Aquamate Series I 1200 Gallon Per Day Water maker

At Daily Watermakers we design and manufacture marine reverse osmosis machines for a wide variety of boats. The Aquamate Series I line of watermakers is a unit that doesn't use automation. It still uses all the quality components necessary to make water, but the end user is responisble for the complete operation of the watermaker. (If you are interested in a watermaker that is automated click here.) The 1200 Gallon per Day water maker makes approximately 50 Gallons per hour, which is the average size purchased (it greatly reduces wear and tear on your watermaker when you only have to run it half the time as the 600 GPD). Some also purchase the "manual" RO unit because it is the more economic choice. There isn't much of a spatial difference between a modular automated watermaker and a manual version. This Series I watermaker is currently only available in a modular unit, which means that it is a component watermaker or it is not a frame. Which is ideal when space is limited (which is usually the case on boats) or you don't want a large shelf occupied by the watermaker when you have the option of purchasing a modular unit. Have questions? Call at 1.800.958.6001

Key Features

  • No Electronics/ "No Frills"
  • Modular components
  • Marine Grade Components
  • Stainless Steel 316 Low Pressure Pump Motor Shaft
  • Corrosion Resistant Low Pressure Pump head
  • Stainless Steel 316 High Pressure Pump Head
  • Low Pressure Switch
  • High Pressure Switch

What is Included in a Watermaker Purchase

You will recieve the following with a Aquamate Series I 600 Gallon per day watermaker

  1. Flow control panel
  2. on/off control box
  3. high pressure pumpset
  4. low pressure pump
  5. pressure vessel/membrane and mounting components
  6. pre-filter assembly
  7. Fresh Water Flush assembly
  8. Sea Strainer
  9. Additional Fittings and hose/tube for typical installs


Flow Control Panel

Our control panel was built with the marine environment in mind. We have a glossy white powder coated partially enclosed frame/panel box. We made this panel with every intention of compactness while retaining performance and ease of use. We use two long lasting, easy to service flow meters, one for the product water and one for the brine flow. Both flowmeters are very important for understanding how much water you are making and at the same time making sure you are not flowing too much or not enough water. The Daily Watermaker panel also has two gauges, one high pressure and low pressure gauge. Both are glycerin filled, stainless steel housings, and nickle plated 1/4" NPT connections. Our flow control valve is centrally mounted and it is marine grade built. Also located on the flow control panel is a product tank selector valve, which is very simple to use and clearly marked.

High Pressure PumpSet

Unlike the Series II framed unit, this high pressure pumpset (close coupled high pressure pump and motor) is a modular piece. Our pump head is flow specific, meaning if you only need 3 gallons per minute of water, that is what we will use. This means we are using the appropriate size motor as well, the watermaker will not draw more power than is needed. The motors are specifcally built for Daily Watermakers; they are Baldor high efficiency motors, powder coated yacht white, fixed rotation (very important), and have long lasting vibration damperners for mounting. As mentioned before our high pressure pump head is 316 Stainless Steel and specifically made for reverse osmosis systems.

Low Pressure Pump

This pump is very important because it will increase the performance and longevity of the rest of the components. We use a high output pump, with a corrosion resistant pump, and we use a 316 stainless steel shaft which is far and away the best in the industry.

Pressure Vessel

Our pressure vessel, which is the enclosure for the membrane filter element, is a shiny white finish fiberglass tube with stainless steel end plugs.


We use some of the highest rated flow membranes for a standard size.

Call us @ 1.800.958.6001

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