Cat Pump Rebuild

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High Pressure Pump - Cat Pump Models - 2SF - 237, 247, 347, 357, 277, 317 - 231, 241, 341, 351

This product is for us to rebuild your cat pump ONLY

Call us for more info at 1.800.958.6001 or email us

This pump type/model is used on various watermakers and comes in different material type. We also understand they are used for pressure washers, we will also rebuild these for the same price. See below for more information.

What you receive when Daily Watermakers rebuilds your Cat Pump

  • We will extract your old seals and valves in the pump
  • Inspect pump head for wear and tear
  • Degrease pump head and bead blast
  • Install a new valve kit and seal kit

What it will the cost be?

  • Base fee to rekit the pump head ONLY: $805
  • If would like us to also test and repair the crankcase as well, please call us for more information on pricing (varies among different cat pump models)
  • If the pump head was sent with a close coupled crankcase for 56c frame we will also test the pump: $100


  1. Remove either just the pump head from the crankcase or remove the whole pump from the motor/belt (varies for each install)(If removing pump head from crankcase take extra caution to not damage the ceramic pistons.)
  2. Drain as much water as possible
  3. Install a shipping plug in place of the red vented plug if you are shipping the whole pump or drain the oil from the crank case
  4. Package the pump in the appropriate size box with sufficient padding to ensure no damage to the pump
  5. Ship the pump to our location with all of your contact information (2608 Shelter Island Dr. San Diego Ca 92106)

The Process

  • We will go ahead and rekit the pump head and the crankcase if noted
  • After completion of the rebuild we will call you for billing and shipping information
  • Note: If the pump needs more than a standard rebuild or it looks like the pump is no longer in a rebuildable condition, we will call you and confer with you.
  • We will ship the pump back to you

For any more questions please call us at 1.800.958.6001 or email us

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