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Spectra Clark Pump Rebuild

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Spectra Clark Pump Rebuild

If you would like to have your Clark Pump rebuilt and working properly, send it to us: An Authorized Spectra Distributor.

Call us at 1.800.958.6001 or e-mail us info@dailywatermakers.com

What you receive when you get your Spectra Clark Pump repaired:

  • Old O-rings replaced
  • New stainless J Tubes
  • New High Pressure Bronze Fittings with New O-rings (Valued at $280)
  • Bench Tested
  • In some cases new cylinder tubes

What it will cost:

  • Base fee for a rebuild is $850
  • Shipping - To and From Spectra & Shipping Back to you (rate varies, please call if you would like more information)
  • New pump cylinder tubes are an additional charge


  1. Remove Clark Pump ONLY from watermaker (This usually is done by removing two High Pressure Tubes and Unscrewing the clark pump from the white plate bracket.)
  2. Drain as much water as you can.
  3. Package the Clark Pump in an appropriate box with plenty of padding (it may be necessary to remove stainless J tubes for this portion.)
  4. Ship your Clark Pump with your contact information in the box to our location "Daily Watermakers 2608 Shelter Island Dr. San Diego CA 92106"

The Process:

  • We will do all the paper work necessary for Spectra
  • If your watermaker clark pump needs new cylinder tubes, we will call you, otherwise everything else is normal
  • Once we receive the Clark Pump we will call you for billing information
  • The Pump will be back on its way to you

International Customers:

  • Even if you are abroad, we can still get this taken care of for you, we can ship wherever Fedex Ships

For any questions please call us toll free: 800-958-6001 or e-mail info@dailywatermakers.com

Additional Info
Daily Watermakers, Inc. is an authorized dealer for Spectra Watermakers. View their website for more information: https://www.spectrawatermakers.com/us/us/support/contact
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