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AquaMate Series I Modular 25 GPH Watermaker desalination for boats, desalination unit for boats, desalinators for boats, boat desalination unit
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Daily Watermakers Item #: AQI600M -

The Aquamate Series I 25 Gallon Per Hour WatermakerThe Aquamate Series I marine desalination systems are our non-automated, modular, and economic machines built for a wide range of boats. The easy to use system is operated by pressing on/off switches for both the feed pump and the marine high pressure pump. Then simply adjusting the pressure for the rated product water output. This system excludes automated features for an economic choice in seawater desalination systems. ...

Aquamate Series II Framed 25 GPH Watermaker powerboat watermakers, power boat watermakers, power boat water makers, powerboat water makers, powerboat watermaker prices, power boat watermaker san diego
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Aquamate Series II 600 Gallon Per Day WatermakerProducing 25 gallons of clear fresh water per hour this smaller, lighter watermaker is great for small powerboats or larger boats looking for a backup. Highly reliable and affordable

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Daily Watermakers Item #: AQII600M -

The Aquamate Series II is a watermaker that is built with the intention to withstand the harsh marine conditions, easy to use for the novice or the professional, and to create plenty of fresh drinking water. Whether you have a leisure boat, a lake house boat, or even a fishing vessel, this watermaker is a general purpose unit. Please call us at 1.800.958.6001 if you have any questions or email at info@dailywatermakers.comFeaturesMarine Glossy White - Powder Coated FrameColor LCD - User...