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Katadyn Acid Membrane Cleaner

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  • Acid Cleaner for Katadyn Membranes
  • 240 g (8oz)
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James Lussier 9th Feb 2021

Mongo cleaning of plugged membrane

Tried to get the flow and PPM of a membrane to spec, no joy. Used the Katadyn Alkaline Membrane Cleaner iaw the instructions. It did a lot but not good enough. Still too much pressure building up. I used the Katadyn Acid Membrane Cleaner iaw instructions, let soak for 5 hours, Then went with the Katadyn Alkaline Membrane Cleaner again, iaw instructions and followed it with HRO water, excellent flow and PPM, no pressure issues. Finished with the Katadyn Membrane Preservative to put into temporary storage. Will be trying it soon when I can get out of the harbor.