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The Daily Cruiser 30GPH No Frills Water Maker

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The Daily Cruiser 30 Gallon Per Hour No Frills Water Maker

The Daily Cruiser No Frills line is our most affordable watermaker we manufacture. The cruiser ro watermaker no frills edition, features the pressure regulator and pressure gauge at the end of the pressure vessel, eliminating the use of a flow panel. This water maker is capable of being run on a Honda EU2000i, engine driven, or your ship's diesel genset.

Space Saving Design

The Daily Cruiser 30 No Frills, as mentioned above, does not include a flow panel. Making the installation not only more compact than other watermakers, but also much easier to install.

The Most Affordable Watermaker Option for Every Gallon of Water Produced

Producing 30 gallons of clean refreshing ro water, you no longer have to worry about contaminated water sources or have to return to shore to fill your tanks with drinking water. At 30 gallons of water per hour, most of our customers will use the pure water to take showers, wash down their boat, clean dishes as well being used as drinking water.

Perfect for Cruisers, sailboats of any size, and small power boats.

An Excellent Option as a back up water maker on large power boats and yachts.

Key Features

  • Capable of being powered by a EU2000i or Engine Driven or Boats AC Power Supply
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Best price available
  • Marine Grade Components
  • Compact Design
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