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Katadyn Survivor 06 katadyn desalinator, katadyn survivor 06, katadyn survivor 06 desalinator
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Katadyn Survivor 06The Katadyn Survivor 06 is a very compact survivor tool. Very similar to the Katadyn Survivor 35, this compact unit can fit almost anywhere and provides a decent amount of fresh water from seawater.Hand-operated desalinatorApproved by the U.S. Coast Guard and used by army troops worldwideThe world's smallest desalinator enables you to store it anywhereSuitable survival or emergency tool for inflatable life-rafts and overboard bags.Can also be suitable for sea kayaking.Light...

Katadyn Survivor 35 Katadyn watermakers, Katadyn pur. Katadyn Survivor 35, Katadyn Survivor
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Katadyn Survivor 35The Katadyn Survivor 35 is a hand operated desalinator capable of making 35 gallons per day. It is an essential survival tool and extra source of fresh water for sailing and sea kayaking primarily used in emergency situations.A compact design enables storage anywhereA light weight watermaker weighing only 3.2KgThe technology the Survivor 35 uses is high energy efficiency which means pumping does not require much effort.Approved by the U.S. Coast Guard and used by the...

The Daily Cruiser 20GPH Watermaker cruiser ro, cruise ro, cruise ro watermaker, watermaker run by Honda EU200i
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The Daily Cruiser 20 Gallon Per Hour WatermakerQuick Background InfoDaily Watermakers has been manufacturing reverse osmosis machines since 1988 in San Diego, California. For the first two decades we produced a very simple water maker made for each individual boat at a very reasonable price. In 2008 we decided to start improving and designing watermakers that are automated. We've realized that we had gotten away from our roots: simple, easy to use, affordable water makers. That's why we've...

The Daily Cruiser 30GPH Water Maker cruise ro watermaker, cruise ro water maker prices, honda eu2000 watermaker, diy watermaker, spectra watermaker, spectra water maker prices, watermakers for sail boats
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Daily Watermakers Item #: DWC30 -

The Daily Cruiser 30 Gallon Per Hour Water Maker Producing an abundant amount of reverse osmosis water in a short amount of time, The Daily Cruiser 30 uses the same amount of energy as our DWC 20 GPH unit. At such a small amount of power needed, only a Honda EU2000i is essential. This watermaker provides many sailboaters / cruisers the option to produce a sufficient amount of water without an expensive - space consuming marine generator. Reliable, Compact, and AffordableWe manufacture The...